Visionary Digital Fiction

Here at HarperOne, we talk about "visionary fiction” on a regular basis.  When you are the publisher of bestsellers like THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coelho, THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS & SPACE TRILOGY by C.S. Lewis, THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI by Robin Sharma, BUDDHA by Deepak Chopra and LIFE’s GOLDEN TICKET by Brendon Burchard, it is hard not to talk about novels like these that have had such a transformative impact on readers.   Call them visionary fiction, spiritual novels or just stories of change, these are books that not only move us, but transform and illuminate. We hear from readers all the time and we can see the success of this type of fiction as we watch our sales grow and their author’s influence widen.   For nearly 40 years, HarperOne has been publishing books that stand the test of time.  Though the bulk of these books have been and still are non-fiction, we are mindful that we have helped to create this unique genre of transformational or visionary fiction.
Digital fiction is growing at a tremendous pace.  There has been lots of growth and variety in e-reading devices.  The shopping experience is also constantly getting better.  Ebook retailers are better merchandising their books and thus helping readers to discover new authors. They are also innovating with frequent low price promotions.  And perhaps what we have learned most is that people who use these devices are overwhelmingly reading fiction.
It is in the spirit of these two things that we welcome you to HarperLegend!
HarperLegend seeks to discover and publish new authors of visionary and transformational fiction in the digital first format . We know that there are many many writers out there who work in this genre.   If you are one of these folks, we want to help your work reach the world.  We hope that you will embrace our offer to submit your work to HarperLegend. We are looking forward to working with you.