How Does It Work?

Submitting Your Manuscript
Please note we are currently not accepting submissions.

Acceptance & Contracts
 We do not send rejection letters. If you do not hear more from us about your manuscripts after 3 months (latest), it means that we have decided to pass. You will not receive notice of this.
 If we accept your manuscript, you will then receive a HarperCollins author contract for world rights.

 HarperLegend royalties are 50% after the first 10,000 copies sold and start at 25%. We do not pay advances against royalties. If we later decide to publish the book in print format at one of our imprints, you will receive standard print royalties.

Distribution & Availability
 HarperLegend books will be available globally at all the major online e-book retailers and on every e-reading device. Since HarperLegend is a digital first, no retailer will run out of inventory.
 Your e-book will be available in English around the world and our foreign rights team and international offices will work to get your book into other languages.

 If we decide to publish your work, you will be assigned an editor. This will be a real person with an email address, phone number, Twitter handle, etc with whom you can communicate. Your editor will be your point person for all things moving forward in the publication process.

Marketing, Publicity, Sales & Rights
 Ideally, we work to customize the plans for every book according to its specifics. Every author will receive our proprietary Author Questionnaire inviting you to tell us all about you, your platform and all the ways we can work with you on the marketing, publicity and sales of your book. We do not always get to tailor make our campaigns to the degree we like, but we do promise you:

1. Book Marketing Kit. As a signed author, you will receive our custom guide on creating visibility, engagement and sales of your book and yourself before and after your book goes on sale
2. e-galleys available for the retailers to read in advance of publication
3. inclusion in a HarperLegend digital catalog
4. e-galleys and press release sent to key media including relevant reviewers as well as promotion in our proprietary newsletters and social media properties, as appropriate to category.
5. targeted social media advertising
6. consideration for key pricing and online bookstore promotions
7. consideration from and representation by our subsidiary and foreign rights division
8. consideration for representation by the HarperCollins Speakers Bureau for live events

In Print
 We regularly survey the HarperLegend list for opportunities to take your book into print format with our HarperOne or HarperElixir imprints.